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Firefox Lite News

This project is a case study of Mozilla Campus Seeding Program, using Firefox Lite News as the case study to understand users' needs for watching news on the browser through user research, and adjusting the current FirefoxLite App interface functions and operations to address users' needs.

截圖 2021-12-14 下午3.12.40.png


According to the World Health Organization, more than 1 million people commit suicide each year because of depression worldwide.This study hopes to create a mood recording app, which allows modern people to record, analyze data and get related help resources through simple steps.


Election Bulletin Redesign

Taiwan's election bulletins contain a large amount of information on candidates and related laws and regulations. We have reorganized the information in the election bulletin in order to help the public receive the important information in the election bulletin in a short period of time, and to get the information quickly and finish voting smoothly on the polling day.

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