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I'm Hung, Li-Han (Megan).

I am deeply interested in human-related issues, including behavior, interaction, and social issues, etc. I like to try new things and cross-field collaboration.I am a logical thinker, fast learner, and empathetic.

Skills & Expertise

User Research​ / Interface Design / Interaction Design

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Sep 2021

Google UX Design Professional Certificate

Currently completed two of the seven courses: Foundations of User Experience (UX) Design and Start the UX Design Process: Empathy, Definition, and Ideation.

Aug 2021


Sep 2019

FuJen Catholic University |
Master of Applied Arts

Besides focusing on learning user experience and interactive design, she also continues to engage in different fields, increase graphic design and commercial photography, and learn to communicate with professionals in different design fields.

June 2019


Sep 2015

FuJen Catholic University |
Bachelor of Psychology

I studied "Social Practice Project - Labor and Family" to understand the actual life style and situation of workers by entering the construction sites and workers' lives, and to build relationships with workers and produce life.


July 2021


Aug 2019

Ministry of Science and Technology Project

Study-type part-time research assistant

Assist in preliminary documentation and interview analysis, user flow, Wireframe, Prototype design creation and modification, funding reimbursement and follow-up data organization.

June 2019


Jan 2019

Fu Jen Catholic University Department of Psychology Graduation Show, Class of 104

Vice Coordinator

Act as the coordinator of the show, control of on-site activities, etc., and coordinate the ideas and consensus of everyone.

Feb 2018


Jan 2018

The 2nd iOS APP Cross-Domain Collaboration Course

Product Manager

Act as a communication between engineers and designers to facilitate communication within the team. Responsible for planning, prototyping and final product release.

Oct 2017


Aug 2018

Fu Jen Catholic University 17th Psychology Camp


The event coordinator and on-site event manager. A total of 76 staff members were recruited. More than 600 people followed and liked the fan page, and more than 300 applications were received.


Research on Dynamic Visual Feedback of Mobile Interface-Taking Online Clothing Shopping as an Example

 2021 CID Annual Conference

Application and research of infographics in responsive web
pages-2018 Taipei Mayor Election Bulletin

2020 Orange Beneficence International Conference

Visual Design Features of Posters- American Annual Awards for Communicating Art

Journal of Cultural and Creative Industries Research ISSN 2221-6170 

 (2020 / 09 / 01) 


I like to participate in different communities, talks, and workshops. I enjoy exploring different fields, and through communication and collaboration with a variety of people, I can develop the ability to work together across fields and have a more diverse mindset.

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In addition to the professional field, I enjoy trying new things, different sports and outdoor activities.

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