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Election Bulletin

Taiwan's election bulletins contain a large amount of information on candidates and related laws and regulations. We have reorganized the information in the election bulletin in order to help the public receive the important information in the election bulletin in a short period of time, and to get the information quickly and finish voting smoothly on the polling day.

Research | Hung, Li-Han / Lin, Chia-Yi

Illustration& Graphic Design | Lin, Chia-Yi

UI/UX Design & Video | Hung, Li-Han




UI/UX Designer

Adobe XD

Mar 2020 - Aug 2020


In the 2019 Taiwan Internet Report, it is pointed out that the Internet access rate of individuals has reached 88.8% in the past six months, with 97.9% using cell phones and more than half using desktop computers (59.5%) and laptops (51.5%). The study also responds to the popularity of smartphones and the Internet by turning the original paper election bulletin into a digital vehicle.


According to the 2019 Taiwan Internet Report, Generation Z and Generation Y are the groups that habitually use digital carriers. This study focuses on the young generation who use smartphones for a long time, use the Internet as the main source of information, and rely on social media as the main audience.

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  •  After viewing the website, voters will be able to understand the political views of candidates and the differences between candidates in the shortest possible time.

  •  Electors will be able to fully understand the points to note after viewing the website.

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Target Audience

  • Young generation who use smartphones for a long time.

  • Use the Internet as their main source of information.

  • Rely on social media.


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Content Categorization

The information in our election bulletin is organized into six major items: candidates' Information, candidates' political opinions, notes on voting, voting Rules, voting process description, and candidates' political speech.

截圖 2021-11-18 下午12.53.44.png
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Content Reprogramming

We have divided the candidates' political views into nine categories according to the classification of important policies of the Executive Yuan. In addition, we have selected the information that is relevant to the voters when they vote, and we have verbalized the complicated laws and regulations into "What to Know Before Voting" and "What to Pay Attention to When Voting".

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Website Structure

截圖 2021-11-18 下午2.58.42.png

Design Planning

In the design planning, there are three major directions set for "font design", "color planning" and "icon design".

Font design


The core objective is to make the public voice heard, emphasizing that voters should participate in national events of the election.

截圖 2021-11-18 下午3.07.27.png
Inner text

The black font is easier to read and faster to read on the electronic screen than other fonts, so Siyuan black font is used as the main font.

截圖 2021-11-18 下午3.09.49.png

Color planning

The color of each candidate's political party was chosen as the representative color to strengthen the reader's connection and impression of key issues.

截圖 2021-11-18 下午3.12.06.png

Icon design

The main purpose is to convey the meaning clearly in a simple and single-color presentation.

截圖 2021-11-18 下午3.14.00.png


截圖 2021-11-18 下午4.00.57.png

Candidate's Gallery

The candidates' political opinions are visualized and the main element is the candidates' key political opinions. The simple and clean style and single color tones are used to make the whole easy to focus. 

截圖 2021-11-18 下午4.02.17.png

Notes on the Election Process

The points that need to be noted when voting are presented through visualization in the voting time sequence.

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Pre-election Knowledge Station

The information is organized and visualized so that users can understand what to pay attention to in the whole voting process through a simple flow chart.

Comparative Political Views

By Candidate

Users can click on the candidates for an overall comparison of political views.

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By Category

Users can use the policy categories to compare the different political views of different candidates in that category.

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Introduction Video

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