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Firefox Lite News

This project is a case study of Mozilla Campus Seeding Program, using Firefox Lite News as the case study to understand users' needs for watching news on the browser through user research, and adjusting the current FirefoxLite App interface functions and operations to address users' needs.

UX/UI Designer | Hung, Li-Han / Sun, Kai-Hsu
Graphic Designer | Lin, Chia-Yi
Prototype | Lin, Yi-Hen




UI/UX Designer

Adobe XD, Marvel

Oct 2019 - Dec 2019



We interviewed a sample of 11 iOS and Android users aged 20 to 30 and 50 to 60 respectively.

Persona 01 : Ann

Ann is a 22 year old female who is a marketing specialist. She is interested in current events and learning new expertise, but current apps often don't meet her needs to keep up with specific issues.


Ann's Journey Map

We found that Ann was unable to follow issue-specific news and often had unfinished news when she watched it.


Chen's Journey Map

We found that Chen was easily distracted by advertisements when watching the news, and the font size of the news was too small, which made it very tiring to use for a long time, as well as not knowing the news timing.


Persona 02 : Chen

Chen is a 55-year-old male, an ordinary office worker, and uses his cell phone as his main tool. Because of the long time use of cell phones, coupled with his age, reading the news puts a great burden on his eyes.

How Might We...?

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Problem Discovered

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Reading Comfort

  1. The number of words in the news is large, but it is often unable to adjust the font size.

  2. The reading process is often interrupted by advertisements and pictures.

  3. Using cell phones for a long time causes discomfort for eyes to read for a long time.

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News Objectivity

  1. Unable to catch up with the latest news quickly.

  2. Single source of news, afraid of receiving information that is not neutral.

  3. The existing search function key is not obvious

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  1. Don't want to read the news recommended by APP, and can't pay attention to the news of specific issues.

  2. Forget to read the news posted to myself. Turn off the news in half and start again next time.

  3. Share the news to family and friends.

​Problem & Function Comparison Table

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Reading Comfort

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Reading mode

Reduce the interference of pictures while reading the news.

截圖 2021-11-17 下午2.12.20.png
Font adjustment function

User-adjustable font size.

截圖 2021-11-17 下午2.08.29.png
Read aloud function

By reading the news out loud, it reduces the load on the eyes to read.


截圖 2021-11-17 下午2.25.10.png
Personal categories & platforms

Self-editable category news for users to follow specific news.

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Collection function

Collection of articles that you want to read but do not have time to read, waiting for free time to read.

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Sharing function

Users can share good articles to family and friends through the sharing function.

News Objectivity

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News Sort (latest/hottest)

Let users know the timeliness of news through news sorting.

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Integration News

Organize similar news from different platforms together to make it easy for users to cross-reference.

截圖 2021-11-17 下午2.33.49.png
Search function

Users can search for news of interest by keywords, instead of just passively receiving recommended news.

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